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WiFi ChatRoom

WiFi ChatRoom is a simple application I have made that makes great use of a sample app made available by Peter Bakhyryev called Chatty.  The app uses simple networking tools that allow for the user to create a chat room that is then discoverable by anyone who has the app as well.  Whatever the person types is displayed in the top along with the name the person chooses to create the first time the user installs the app and runs it.  As of now there is no way to change the name for the user, but I may decide to allow changes in the names.  There is no filter on what is said in the chat rooms or the names that are created.

The app is available for free on the App Store.  This is just a starter project for me that I am using to practice networking and connections between iDevices and servers or other iDevices so it may not be updated as much as some of my other apps.